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"Glise excels in his performance, bringing to life
this music with fine attention to interpretive style,
infused with vigor and technical virtuosity."
Audio Magazine (New York)
Anthony Glise

Anthony Glise Contact Numbers, Links etc.
N.B. Due to the large amount of incoming mail we regret that Mr. Glise may not be able to answer all correspondence. If you cannot contact him due to touring schedules, etc., please feel free to contact him through the Aevia Publicity office (listed below).

US Management / Publicity:
Aevia Group, Ltd.
P.O. Box 7242
St. Joseph, MO 64507

European Management / Publicity:
Bernard Hennebique
238, Boulevard Victor Hugo
F-59000 Lille

Office telephone : (33) 03 20 30 07 78

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The Nova Project - This is the Prog Rock group formed by Anthony and Jason Riley. The Front Page of this website has further information and soundbites.

Jeff Fuson - Jeff is director of Big Ape Studios and is the graphic artist and web designer who designed this web site and most of Anthony’s CD and DVD covers.

Ransomed Studios - This is the studio where Anthony normally records. The owner, Thomas Ransom, is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Boston), the facility is exceptional and very economical. Ransom is a brilliant producer, engineer and very easy to work with.
Sound Logic Studios - Sound Logic focus on commercial production but also take on high-level CD projects. The President, Jeff Anderson (a graduate of Full Sail), has extensive experience in both production and post-production and is a joy to work with.

Jan Akkerman - The former lead guitarist for the rock group "Focus," Jan lives in north of Amsterdam, several hours from Anthony's home in Northern France. An old friend, Jan is, in Anthony's words, " absolute genius on the instrument!" In fact, it was Jan’s 1970’s album “Profile” that first introduced Anthony to both classical guitar and Renaissance lute... and look what happened! See:

Jason Riley - Jason is the electric guitarist for The Nova Project, the classical prog group that Anthony plays with. He has extensive experience in classical, jazz, rock and improvisational forms. Jason also contracts out for spec work so if you need a versatile, easy-to-work-with guitarist you should seriously consider Jason.
See: and 

James Kew - James is a brilliant classical ‘cellist who also performs on a 6-string electric ‘cello for The Nova Project. See:  

Nick Baker - Nick is the percussionist for The Nova Project, the classical prog group that Anthony plays with. Nick is a brilliantly talented young percussionist with extensive varied experience on stage and in the studio. See:

Michael Fuson - Michael is one of Anthony’s oldest friends and a wildly active electric guitarist. He has worked throughout the US with appearances on “The Strip” in LA, including the clubs, The Troubadour and Gazari’s. See:

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