Anthony Glise: Classical Guitarist, Composer and Author

Selected International Reviews

Anthony Glise in concert
“Anthony Glise offers us a totally different 'rhétorique' than we normally hear; his is a language of delicate effects, pure sensitivity, and contemplative emotions. The playing and sonority of Glise is not only clear and varied: it's a highly individual and spirited voyage. His style is not only that of power and decisive virtuosity: Glise seduces us by the grace and emotional intelligence of the phrase."
Le Diapason (Paris, France)

“ rich, so profound, so sensual that every note tells a story.”
- Luister (Amsterdam, Holland)

“Glise’s playing is strikingly individual and blends an unbelievable dynamic range and ravishing tonal colors. Seldom have I been so impressed.”
- Vienna Life Magazine (Vienna, Austria)

Original lithograph “Anthony”
by Cynthia Crowl.
Reprinted by permission. © by C. Crowl.

“He plays with a master’s dynamic feel.”
- Guitar Player Magazine (USA)

“...Glise has produced (re-discovered?) a radically different way of playing the guitar. His constantly evolving articulation makes every phrase a revelation. His fastidious attention to phrasing creates a chiaroscuro effect that I have only heard from the very best pianists or lute players.”
“...a revelation, and should be heard by any guitarist who wishes to play expressively’.”
- The Soundboard (Guitar Foundation of America, US)

“...pure musical genius.”
- Classica (Rome, Italy)

"A warming mix of sure technique and heartfelt musicianship."
"...interpretively, he's a genius."
- Kansas City Times (USA)

“A first-rate performer with admirable control over his instrument’s capabilities.
“...his playing is always highly musical and articulate.”
- Classical Music Magazine (Canada)

“Glise excels in his performance, bringing to life this music with fine attention to interpretive style, infused with vigor and technical virtuosity.”
- Audio Magazine (New York)

Glise at United Studios with noted producer Thomas Ransom and engineer Dann Haworth.

"The most enlightening of all the musical performances I have hosted!"
- Brett Johnson KTVT 11 "News Magazine" (Dallas, USA)

"Anthony Glise's playing leaves nothing to be desired." - Alte Musik Aktuell (Germany)

“...sunny, lyrical and ‘echt Viennoise’.
“...Glise is a marvelously clean and natural executant.”
- H&B Recordings Direct (USA)

“He does more than just play — he presents a feeling!”
-Barbara Jackson WCMH-TV “Columbus Today” (USA)

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