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Piedmont climb
"...sunny, lyrical and 'echt Viennoise'.
“...Glise is a marvelously clean
and natural executant."
H&B Recordings Direct (USA)

Left: Glise during his last ascent in Piedmont, Italy.
(See the attached Wikepedia article on Anthony
for details as to this terrifying climb.)

Anthony has some of the most wildly diverse interests imaginable including cooking (specializing in N. French cuisine), fencing (he has been a foil and épée university coach for many years), inland and open-sea sailing, fly fishing and solo free climbing. While these are decidedly NOT musical activities, we thought you would enjoy a few small insights into Anthony’s marvelously “Renaissance” activities.

This file contains PDFs of several of Anthony’s favorite recipes. Download and enjoy!
1) Carbonnades flamandes (N. French stew with beef or horse meat).
2) Irish Soda Whiskey Cake (with slight adaptations for Austrian, Mohr im Hemd).
3) La Bête Noir (The Black Beast)

Café du Centre
Anthony’s extended family in France at the local Café du Centre...
(Anthony’s 2nd home...)

Ken Sugita (violin, French National Orchestra)
Jason Riley (behind - The Nova Project)
Sylvia (Anthony’s big sister)
Anthony (hiding behind)
Anny (Café owner & old friend)
Yvonne (Anthony’s God Daughter)
Laurent (Yvonne’s husband & old friend)

Anthony, Ken Sugita and Jason Riley in a French “Boeuf”... (jam session) at the local café.
Anthony, Ken Sugita and Jason Riley

Free Soloing
This article contains a brief description of free solo climbing (climbing without technical equipment - perhaps the most dangerous sport on earth). Anthony used to be active in the sport while living in the Alps, but has since given it up as, in his own words, “...flying 200 meters downwards, face first, towards a fairly solid boulder seems like a rather pointless way to die - but then again - no one gets out of this life alive... and what a RUSH !” Download PDF of article here. Click here for the Anthony's article at Wikipedia.

This file contains PDFs of the preface, first 3 lessons and the glossary of the fencing manual that Anthony wrote and uses when teaching a beginning fencing class. Click here to download.

(coming soon)

Fly Fishing
(coming soon)
This file contains PDFs of two of Anthony’s original fly patterns, a dry beetle, similar to a lady bug and an emerger nymph pattern. Both are easy to tie and GREAT for year-round trout, pan fish or even bass.

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