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Overview (Young Recording Artists - catalogue # YRA 1217). Featuring works by Weiss (Prelude, fugue & allegro), Glise (American fantasia, Lullabies), Giuliani (Complete Bagatelles), Sor (Deuxième fantasia), et al.

An outstanding recording, Vienna Life Magazine (Austria) picked this CD as one of the year's “Top-5 Classical Releases” along with those of Leonard Bernstein, Murry Perriah, et al.

Vienna Life Magazine said of this recording: “Glise's playing is strikingly individual and blends an unbelievable dynamic range and ravishing tonal colors. Seldom have I been so impressed!”

A valued addition to the collection of the connoisseur!

Dream Scenes

Dream Scenes - Original Compositions of Anthony Glise for Classical Guitar (with guest artist, Ken Sugita of the French National Orchestra-Lille) (éclipse Recordings, France - catalogue #ECL 1982)

This rare CD features some of Glise's best-known compositions, including his Variations on Folias, de España, Sonata No. 2, Dream Scenes, Lullabies, The Sonata for Violin and Guitar, etc.

An outstanding recording and a rare chance to hear Glise in the rôle of both celebrated composer and performer. Program notes in English, French, German and Italian.

A Classical Christmas

A Classical Christmas-The Sugita/Glise Duo (violin & guitar) (éclipse Recordings, France -catalogue #ECL 1980)

Performed by Glise with Ken Sugita (violinist with the French National Orchestra-Lille, as well as with Stella Venezia, Trio Parnasse, etc.).

Recorded at the Château de Hem (France), this recording highlights over 2 dozen favorite Christmas carols, arranged by Glise for this recording. A tremendous Christmas gift for the guitar enthusiast -or yourself! Program notes in English, French and German.

Diabelli Sonatas

The Complete Sonatas of Anton Diabelli, Op. 29, Performed by Anthony Glise (Dorian Recordings, catalogue # DIS-80113)

This monumental recording is played on a priceless 1828 Georg Staufer guitar from Glise's private collection-one of only 7 guitars of this type in existence. It features Diabelli's complete sonatas for solo guitar plus cadenzas composed by Glise for this CD.

Hailed internationally for both performance and sound production, this is the first complete recording of these brilliant sonatas by Beethoven's friend, Anton Diabelli.Le Diapason (Paris), one of the most highly-respected music magazine in Europe, said “...Glise's style is not only that of power and decisive virtuosity; he seduces us by the grace and emotional intelligence of the phrase.”

Out-of-Print. A limited number of new, unopened copies are available at $150 per unit directly from Anthony.

Brescianello Partitas

The Partitas of Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello (1690-1757), Performed by Anthony Glise (Dorian Recordings, catalogue # DIS-80127) The first recording of 8 partitas by Brescianello, the music is very similar to that of Antonio Vivaldi. Charming, light Baroque music with breathtaking phrasing and interpretation.

In the words of Classica Magazine (Rome), this CD is, "...pure musical genius!"

Out-of-Print. A limited number of new, unopened copies are available at $150 per unit directly from Anthony.

Magical Realism

Magical Realism-Original Symphonic & Solo Compositions of Robert Winstin and Anthony Glise (Èditions de la Rue Margot: Paris). Performed by the Illinois Chamber Symphony.

This CD features Glise's Cavatina for String Orchestra. A stellar performance by the Illinois Chamber Symphony. Available through Èditions de la Rue Margot on the web. .

Virtuoso Variations for Guitar

Virtuoso Variations for Guitar Carulli, Tàrrega, Giuliani, Weiss, Glise and Mertz. (AME Recordings, Lyon, France - catalogue #EAN13 3700 2265 91456).

This CD includes some of the most difficult works for classical guitar performed with the remarkable sense of interpretation for which Glise is so well known. Available through AME Recordings (Lyon, France).

Cover shot not yet available [ed.]

Lullabies Featuring works by Tàrrega, Sor, Llobet, Glise, et al. [in production]. In production. Details forthcoming. 
The Nova Project - CDs

The Holy Sonnets

The Holy Sonnets, featuring contemporary lieder for voice, 2 guitars, ‘cello and percussion with Anthony Glise, Jason Riley (electric guitar), James Kew (6-string electric ‘cello) and Nick Baker (percussion) (Èclipse Recordings, France - catalogue #ECL 2009).
The Viennese Sketches
The Viennese Sketches, Op. 5 by Anthony Glise with Jason Riley (electric guitar), James Kew (6-string electric ‘cello) and Nick Baker (percussion). Five Movements for classical and electric guitars with improvisation (Èclipse Recordings, France - catalogue #ECL 2010). Program notes in English, French German and Italian.
The Nova Project: Live at Café Acoustic
The Nova Project — Live at Café Acoustic. This is an “official bootleg” CD containing a mixture of the above 2 CDs. Unavailable commercially, selected cuts are available here.
he Nova Project: “Unplugged”
The Nova Project — “Unplugged” This CD is currently in production at Sound Logic of Indiana, produced by Jeff Anderson, staff writer for EQ Magazine. Anderson has been involved in productions for The Rolling Stones, Britney Spears, et al. Further details are found on the MySpace site:
The Missouri Fables
The Missouri Fables.
This DVD is based on a series of short stories by Anthony and arranged for stage production for 2 guitars and narrator, this DVD is a marvelous, surrealistic view of Missouri life, “ told by her residents... some alive, some dead and some human.”

This DVD is sold with the booklet containing the entire Missouri Fables by Glise. 47 pages.
Mass for the Children
Mass for the Children.
This 5- camera, live DVD was shot during the European premiere of Glise’s Mass for the Children (for 2 chorales, orchestra, guitar soloist and children readers), his Stabat Mater Speciosa (for chorale and solo guitar) and his double concerto, “The Pendulum” for violin, guitar and orchestra. The DVD also includes an extensive interview with Glise at his home in Northern France. In French, and subtitled in English. Program notes in English and French.
Rembrandt Video  
Background music for the video “Rembrandt and the Return of the Prodigal Son” [“Rembrandt et le retour du fils prodigue”]

Produced and recorded by AME in Lyon (Communauté de Chemin Neuf: Lyon, France) with Ken Sugita of the French National Orchestra-Lille. Various selections for solo guitar and violin/guitar duo highlight this remarkable story of one of Raphael's most beloved paintings, The Return of the Prodigal Son with commentary by the noted French art critic and historian, Paul Baukiquey. Available only in French.

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Glise, A., Handbook for American Musicians Overseas (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, 2003).

The Handbook for American Musicians Overseas gives all details of moving to, working and surviving in Europe as a musician. It also includes The Dictionary of Contemporary Music Terms in English, French, German and Italian. As informative as it is enjoyable, it includes many stories from Glise on his 20+ years of living and working throughout Europe. Whether you're just a fan of languages or going to Europe to work or study as a musician, this book is going to make your life easier!

Classical Guitar Pedagogy

Glise, A., Classical Guitar Pedagogy: A Handbook for Teachers (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, 1997). University textbook. 327 pages.

This is the first university text ever written on “how and why” guitarists play and teach as they do. It is currently in use as the primary guitar pedagogy textbook in over 100 universities and conservatories in the North & South America, Europe and Aurasia.
Le Cahiers de la Guitarre (Paris) said of this edition: “...Glise is the first to propose many of these questions. It is a goldmine of information and reflections. I strongly recommend this book.”

The Young Guitarist’s Notespeller

Glise, A., The Young Guitarist’s Notespeller (Pacific: Mel Bay Publications, 2004). 40 pages.

This is an aid to beginning guitarists in learning notereading. It includes a number of “workbook” written exercises and games (crossword puzzels, mazes, etc.) to reinforce the early stages of guitar lessons.
Help! — My Kid is Taking Music Lessons
Glise, A., Help! — My Kid is Taking Music Lessons — A Handbook for the Confused Parents of Young Musicians with Glossary for the Musically-Challenged Parent (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, 2001). 109 pages.

When a child begins music lessons, parents can find themselves in the middle of an exciting — and confusing — learning experience of their own! Whether you're a seasoned musician or can't carry a tune, you owe it to yourself to get this book the minute your child begins music lessons! Based on some of the most progressive theories of music education, with an insight that only a professional concert musician could offer, this book is humerous, friendly and highly informative.

Handbook for American Musicians Studying Overseas

Glise, A., Handbook for American Musicians Studying Overseas with Dictionary of Foreign Musical Terms (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, publication projected: Fall, 2001). [Dictionary is in English, French, German and Italian.] 328 pages.

This book covers information about visas, housing, finances, geting into a foreign school and adjusting to the new country. The Dictionary (included) gives thousands of daily musical terms in English, French, German and Italian.

An essential reference for musicians overseas and those who are working or studying music at a serious level.
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Glise A., The Sonata Collection — Complete Multi-Movement Sonatas of Anton Diabelli, Mauro Giuliani and Fernando Sor in One Volume with Optional Cadenzas. Urtext Edition by A. Glise (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, 2000). 304 pages.

This edition includes all original versions of all the sonatas of Sor, Giuliani and Diabelli, an extensive preface on 19th-Century ornamentation, improvisation and performance practice (in English, French, German and Italian) and massive examples of ornamentation.

A priceless edition to the libraries of all guitarists!

Cover shot not yet available [ed.]

The Chaconne Collection Including the complete chaconne of S.L. Weiss (from the British National Museum Manuscripts), J.S. Bach, Chaconne in D Minor BWV 1004, et al.) Urtext Edition by A. Glise. (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, publication projected, 2002).

Currently in preparation, this scholarly Urtext edition lists a number of previously-unavailable chaconne for classical guitar. Includes considerable performance practice information (in English, French, German and Italian) for Germanic Baroque music.

Cover shot not yet available [ed.]

Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello, (1690-1757) The Complete Partitas. Urtext Edition by A. Glise. (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, publication projected, 2002).

Currently in preparation, this Urtext edition gives all 18 of the original Partitas of Brescianello for classical guitar. Vibrant, exciting baroque music (similar to Vivaldi) these works are suitable for both amature or professional performance. Includes considerable performance practice information (in English, French, German and Italian) for Italian Baroque music.
Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759)—Sonatas, Opus, 1 for Guitar and Violin/Flute/Recorder or Oboe Urtext Edition by A. Glise. (Pacific, MO: Mel Bay Publications, publication projected, 2003).

Currently in preparation, this Urtext edition of the complete seven sonatas from Handel's Op. 1 is realized and edited for guitar from Handel's original figured bass by Mr. Glise, with editorial notes for the melody instrumentst by Maestro Pierre Phenlpin, violinist with the French National Orchestra—Lille. Includes considerable performance practice information (in English, French, German and Italian) for Germanic Baroque music.

Various Musical Editions from Willis Music Publishing Order Form

The following editions from Willis Music Company are critical editions by Anthony Glise that give historical and performance practice information.

Many of these editions are currently on the required performance list at the leading conservatories throughout the US and Europe.

Highly reliable, these editions are oriented toward mid-level to advanced guitarists.
Weiss, Sylvius Leopold, Prelude, Fugue & Allegro, Critical Edition by A. Glise (Willis Music: Cincinnati, 1991).
Weiss, Sylvius Leopold, Capriccio, Critical Edition by A. Glise (Willis Music: Cincinnati, 1991).
Sor, Fernando, Deuxième Fantaisie, Op. 4, Critical Edition by A. Glise (Willis Music: Cincinnati, 1990).
Sor, Fernando, Complete Bagatelles, Op. 43, Critical Edition by A. Glise (Willis Music: Cincinnati, 1989).
Giuliani, Mauro, Complete Bagatelles, Op. 73, Critical Edition by A. Glise (Willis Music: Cincinnati, 1989).

Original Compositions by Anthony Glise
(Published by Ævia Publications, Ltd.)
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All the following editions are originally composed by Anthony Glise for the “Anthony Glise Original Compositions and Studies” series from Ævia Publications. The editions are typeset and fingered in clear, readable format and suitable for both upper-level student and professional concerts and recordings. Program notes are in English, French, German and Italian.

Many of these works appear on the CD "Dream Scenes" (above), performed by Maestro Glise.

Catalogue number is followed by level, opus number and title.

AG1001 Elem 1A—Method for Guitar (for adults). A progressive method for adults (suitable for private or class instruction). Although it assumes no musical background, this method moves quickly to insure the interest remains high.
AG1002A Elem. 2A—Note Speller for Guitar. Helpful for students who are having trouble recognizing written notes and fret location. Many exercises for each string and the diatonic frets through the first position.
AG1002B Intermed. 2B—Chromatic Exercises and Arpeggio Studies. Included in Glise's Classical Guitar Pedagogy - A Handbook for Teachers (Mel Bay, 1997), these studies form the backbone of solid right and left hand technique. For classical guitarists but many of the studies are adaptable for folk, rock and jazz guitarists.
AG1003A Intermed. 3A—Unterwegs, I (Ten Progressive Bagatelles for Beginning Guitarists). Awarded a diploma for composition at the Nemzetközi Gitàrfesztivàl (Hungary), these bagatelles introduce the student to various aspects of contemporary music such as sudden dynamic shifts, meter changes, alternate tonalities, etc. Highly effective pieces to break the routine of the normal student repertoire.
AG1003B Intermed. 3B—Unterwegs, II (Ten Progressive Bagatelles for Intermediate Guitarists). Same as Opus 3A (above), but more technically advanced.
AG1004A Elem. 4A—The Child's Guitar, Vol. I (includes cassette tape). A rote approach to learning the classical guitar. Extremely successful with very young students! Varied repertoire and historical periods. In 3 volumes (cf. below).
AG1004B Upper-Elem. 4B—The Child's Guitar, Vol. II (includes cassette tape). Cf. Opus 4A
AG1004C Intermed. 4C—The Child's Guitar, Vol. III (includes cassette tape). Cf. Opus 4A.
AG1005 Adv. 5—Lullabies (solo guitar - seven movements). This is one of the most popular and beautiful sets composed by Glise. Contemporary sounds with a gentle hint of folk music, these lullabies have been performed by numerous guitarists in the US and Europe and continue to be a favorite with both classical and non-classical audiences.
AG1006A Adv. 6A—Sonata #1 "The Phoenix" (solo guitar - three movements). A moving sonata with tremolo technique in the first movement and the type of rhythmic and harmonic complexity that comes very close to classical-rock crossover.
AG1008 Intermed.- 8—American Fantasia (Introduction & fantasia - Adv. solo guitar). Awarded diploma for composition at Festival Ville Sable, France) One of the most popular of Glise's works, this solo strongly reflects the harmonic and rhythmic elements of "Boston jazz." Very player-friendly, but looks and sounds massively complicated to the audience.
AG1009A Adv. 9A—Traum Szenen ("Dream Scenes") (solo guitar - three movements). Based on a series of dreams, Dream Scenes represents various elf creatures in their natural surroundings. Well-received by both popular and rock audiences, this set fits well into any classical program and lays well on the instrument.
AG1009B Intermed.- 9B—Die Wiener Skizzen ("The Viennese Sketches") Adv. (two guitars or guitar/melody instrument with improvisational sections - five movements). If you know a music-reading / improvising rock or jazz musician, these works are a brilliant cross-over for the stage. Based on several of Glise's classical compositions, they move from pre-composed to improvised sections and back. Very effective for alternative concert programming! These are performed on the CD, “The Viennese Sketches” by The Nova Project
AG1010 Adv. 10—Sonata #3 "Die Dreifache" ("The Threefold") Sonata quasi una fantasia (solo guitar - one movement). Highly playable with very contemporary rhythmic structure, this sonata is a perfect addition to the repertoire and fits well in any concert situation.
AG1011 Adv. 11—Concerto No. 1 for Guitar and Orchestra "The Globe Rooms" (three movements). Study Score. First premiered at the Shore Festival of Classics (USA) on a program titled "Mozart and Glise" this is a marvelous full concerto. Contemporary, but very listener-friendly, the orchestra parts are scored very thinly to allow the guitarist the maximum exposure. Brilliant guitar solos and a blazing finale that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats!
AG1012 Intermed.- 12 Sonata for Violin & Guitar "The Secession" Adv. (two movements). Commissioned by Ken Sugita [French National Orchestra]. One of the largest sonatas written for violin and guitar (over 20 minutes), this work is a hybrid sonata allegro with a rondo and recitative. The violin part requires an upper-level student or professional, with blazing passages and intricate rhythmic motives. Audiences are floored by this work! Featured on the CD Dream Scenes (cf. CDs above).
AG1014A Intermed. 14A—Classical Guitarist's Gig Book®, Vol. I Christmas & Holiday Music (solo guitar & guitar w / melody instrument). This book is the answer for classical guitarists, especially students, who earn extra money playing gigs. Dozens of pieces, clearly written and easy to sight-read, but using many first positions chords and open strings so the pieces sound much more difficult than they are. Various options for repeats, key changes, etc., make this collection a gold mine for the working guitarist.
AG1014B Intermed. 14B—Classical Guitarist's Gig Book®, Vol. II General Gig Music (solo guitar & guitar w / melody instrument). Cf. Opus 14 A.
AG1015 Adv. 15—Variations on "Folias de Espa–a" (solo guitar - seven movements). Commissioned by Accademia degli Studi "L'Ottocento" (Milan, Italy). A tremendous set of variations that are highly popular with audiences in Europe. Very playable, but harmonically, rhythmically and formally expanded from the traditional variations on the Folias theme. Suitable for both student and professional concerts
AG1016A Adv. 16—Concerto for Two Guitars, "The Pendulum" (optional version for Vln. / Gtr. & Chamber Orchestra or Fl. / Gtr & Chamber Orchestra). Study Score. A brilliantly composed double concerto that uses both folk and rock-type thematic material. Very instrument-friendly, it is scored to be playable by mid- to upper-level community orchestras. Beautifully rich orchestration and blazing guitar solos insure that this work will get you a standing ovation!
AG1017 Adv. 17—Noah! Ballet for Chamber Orchestra (90 min.). (flute, oboe, horn, 2 percussion, guitar, strings). Commissioned by Pointe Station Ballet Company. Study Score. The largest ballet written in the 20th Century (at over 1 hour, 30 minutes) and requiring roughly 120 dancers, this work is performed annually by Pointe Station (Huntsville, USA). A massive work in neo-classic style with several major guitar solos.
AG1018 Adv. 18—Sonata for Violoncello and Piano "The Secession" arranged and adapted from Op. 12. Based on Opus 12, this sonata has begun to receive considerable recognition in Europe. Scored with the same blazing technical effects as the original, it is a tremendous addition to the cello and piano repertoire.
AG1019 Adv. 19—Trio for Violin, Viola and Violoncello, "The Canonization" arranged and adapted from Op. 7. Commissioned by Trio Parnasse [Lille, France]. Based on the guitar solo, Opus 7, this trio is altered (for scoring purposes), but still retains the tremendous rhythmic and harmonic brilliance found in the original.
AG1020 Adv. 20—Dream Catcher. Study Score. Ballet (flute, oboe, trumpet, percussion, guitar and strings). A tremendously moving orchestration based on the Native American belief of the Dream Catcher. Suitable for student to professional ensembles - both musically and choreographically - the scripting makes for easy choreography with minimal sets. Thinly scored (similar to L'Histoire du Soldat by Stravinsky) this is an exceptional work on stage.
AG1021 Adv. 21—Dream Catcher (solo guitar). Arranged and adapted from op. 20. A remarkable arrangement from the original ballet (Opus 20), this guitar solo can even be used with a small dance production (requiring 4 dancers). As a guitar solo, it is very effective, incorporating many special effects and a wide harmonic and rhythmic palate.
AG1022 Adv. 22—Quartet for Four Guitars, "The Pendulum." Arranged and adapted from Op. 20. Just as impressive as the original double guitar concerto, this piece works brilliantly as a quartet. The piece is suitable for upper-level students to professionals and the guitar parts 1 and 2 are the solo parts from the concerto. The form is exactly the same as the original and the tension and excitement just as breathtaking.
AG1023 Adv. 23—Messe pour les Enfants ["Mass for the Children"] (seven movements. Mass for SATB, flute, oboe, trumpet, percussion, guitar and strings). Study Score. Commissioned by the Èglise de St. Calixte (Cysoing, France) for the 2000th anniversary of the Catholic Church, this piece is stylistically neo-classic, but still progressive enough to thrill the contemporary music audience. It was composed to remind the listener that we as adults create consequences by our actions - consequences that are sometimes unjustly thrust onto the most innocent bystanders: the children. In traditional mass form it is suitable as a concert work as well as for church services. The readings were written by child-victims of some of history's most terrifying atrocities, including the Nazi death camps, slave labor, the “ethnic cleansing” in Bosnia, etc. A moving work that confronts the audience with their responsibility to each other, to the future and most importantly, to the children.
AG1024 Adv. 24—The Holy Sonnets — Contemporary Lieder for voice, classical guitar, precomposed/improvising guitar (or other improvising instrument)—9 movements. Text (in English) based on The Holy Sonnets of John Donne (1572-1631).
AG1025. A. Adv. 24—Les Sonnets Chrétians (“The Christian Sonnets”) — Contemporary Lieder for baritone, classical guitar, violin and ‘cello (with optional improvisational sections)—4 movements. Text (in French) based on Les Sonnetes Chrétians of Laurent Drelincourt (1626-1680).
AG1025. B. Adv. 25—Les Sonnets Chrétians (“The Christian Sonnets”) — Arranged from Op. 25, A. For solo baritone, classical guitar, violin, ‘cello, SATB, chamber orchestra.
AG1026 Adv. 26—The Missouri Fables — For narrator, classical and electric guitars, optional choral— 8 movements. Based on surrealistic short stories by Glise. Premiered: St. Joseph (US).
AG1027 Adv. 27—“The Blue Virgin” Stabat Mater Speciosa — A Christmas Cavatina for SATB and classical guitar—6 movements. Premiered: (US) St. Joseph, (Europe) Wasquehal, France.
AG1028 Adv. 28—Duos for One Guitar — Three pieces for classical guitar played on one guitar (the second guitarist stands behind the seated guitarist and plays only the left hand while the first guitarist plays both left and right hands).
AG1029 Adv. 29—At The Border - Triple Concerto — For classical, electric guitars, solo violin and string orc hestra—5 movements.

N.B. All prices subject to change without notice. All texts (except Op. 1, 2 B , 14) are in English, German, French and Italian. Others in English only. Op. 23 in Latin with readings in either English, German, French or Italian. Title: “The Classical Guitarist's Gig Book” ®/© by Aevia Publications, Ltd. Orchestra parts available on rental from Aevia via adress below.

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