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Jason Riley: Classic, Eclectic, Acoustic, Electric Guitar

Jason RileyA tremendously versatile guitarist, Jason Riley’s professional experience includes recording, composing, teaching and performing in diverse styles. His formal degree in classical guitar and commercial music included extensive work in American musical genres with special focus on the Jazz idiom and improvisation.

As a recording artist, Jason has produced and released three solo CDs, Notes to Self (a compilation of original compositions), Outtakes (original arrangements of traditional works) and Spirit of Things (traditional American spirituals). An equally successful accompanist, Jason has been featured extensively as a guest performer with other artists in concert and on many recordings.

Riley’s unique, personal style highlights an improvisation- based approach utilizing “live” looping and technological effects — all accented by his exceptional stage presence, acclaimed work with acoustic and electric instruments and heartfelt tributes to his many musical influences. His stylistic versatility, mood and character is expansive: blending soft and subtle, frantic and aggressive, swing and rock, Riley plays unaccompanied, in chamber music setting and with symphony orchestra. Jason’s work on stage not only reflects his understanding of classical form and balance, but shows a highly original combination of his classical/rock/jazz background that very few guitarists can successfully execute in live performance.

He has won US competitions and reader’s polls in both the rock and country genres and performed with numerous international artists including television and syndicated radio appearances. When not on tour, Jason serves as professor of guitar at several colleges in the Central US.

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