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“...I left my shirt in WHAT country...???”
This is just a tiny collection of shots where Anthony has lived and worked over the years (along with his comments).

Nenzing in Western Austria
The road in front of my house in Nenzing (Western Austria). Used to get up in the morning during the winter and check across the valley for avalances. One of the most beautiful places on earth and great people.

The road on the way to the music school where I taught in Nenzing. One and 1/2 lanes - perfect for 1 car and a cow...

View out the window of the apartment in Vienna (actually one of Beethoven’s old houses... which isn’t saying much since he was kicked out of a number of apartments throughout Vienna). 20 paces down the street from where Mozart died and around the corner from Café Hubner (still open) where he used to go for coffee.

View out the window of my apartment on La Spezia (Italian Riviera). Teaching at the Academy there consists of breakfast, beach, nap (teach), nap, lunch, nap, beach, nap, (teach), etc. The Italians have priorities in order...
La Spezia

Lago Maggori
View out the apartment window overlooking Lago Maggori. A terribly long, 2 minute walk to the beach (15 minutes if you stop at the bar for a morning coffee). This was a horribly stressful period in my life, much of which focused on “ I stop for coffee...? Do I not stop for coffee...?”

Dinner with Gioachino & Nadia Giussani (my guitar builder). What Giussani can do with wood, Nadia can do with pasta!
Dinner with Gioachino & Nadia Giussani

Dinner with Jan
Dinner with Jan Akkerman and family at their place north of Amsterdam (Mar is a GREAT cook!).

Abbey at Hautecombe (France) in the French Alps outside of Lyon where I periodically hide from life... This was the private abbey of the last King of Savoy (who is burried there). Also have a GREAT café there run by the order.
Abbey at Hautecombe

Abbey at Hautecombe
Another shot of the Abbey.

Café du Centre (my “office” in the small village where I live in N. France). Anny (owner), me, and Jocko, an old friend from Senegal, Africa - and a couple glasses of Gran d’Orge... best beer on earth...
Cafe du Centre

New arrivals
New arrivals in the courtyard of the cottage where I currrently live in N. France. Have turned into GREAT mousers.

Another shot of the courtyard.

Family picnic in N. France.
Family picnic in the field behind the cottage in N. France.

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